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Android TV update 6.70

Updated: Jun 9, 2018

New features and fixes:

  • Support for SMB2 protocol for Windows 10 sharing (enable in share edit)

  • VC1 hardware decoding for some devices.

  • Enable AC3 pass in Auto mode even if receiver is not connected.

  • Improvements in aspect ratio selection and PiP mode.

SMB2 support:

SMB2 protocol supports is a very important update to Vimu Windows sharing feature. Most Windows 10 installations nowadays restrict usage of the old SMB1 protocol. MacOS also uses only new SMB2 and SMB3 protocols for sharing.

All newly created Windows share bookmarks will use SMB2 by default. You can however uncheck SMB2 support checkbox. It could be useful when connecting to some Linux-based servers.


Before this update Vimu only allowed software decoding of VC-1. However most Amlogic boxes and some TV-sets can decode this in hardware. Now this is allowed.


Previously, Vimu checked Pass-through modes currently available. It means that if you needed to pass DTS, you need your system say that it has some DTS capable device attached. However, it was not always correct as devices attached to S/PDIF outputs were not correctly detected.

Now, it enforces usage of AC3 (and DTS for some devices) even if it can not "see" AC3 support in the system.

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