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Vimu Player features and supported media formats

Grid or list content navigation.


Arrange your movie files either in beautiful poster layout or a simple list of media files.

UPnP MediaRenderer or DLNA receiver


"Push" your videos, music and photos to your Android TV or Fire TV device straight from your DLNA-enabled mobile device.

Wide media format support


Vimu supports most of the popular media formats, like AVI, MKV, MP4, MOV, MPEGTS, VOB.

Surround sound is supported on most devices.

Simple setup and bookmarking


Quickly bookmark your server's shared directory and start watching movies in less then a minute.



Quickly search media on DLNA server index or in local directory.

Audio stream switching and pass-through


On most devices you can switch audio and subtitle tracks. You can also pass-through AC3 5.1 to your receiver.



You can not only watch movies and play music, but also watch photoes (JPEG) on your Android TV or Fire TV with Vimu!

Auto frame rate switching support


Can adapt display frame rate to video frame rate on selected model of Android TV.

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