Vimu Player Privacy Policy

This privacy policy covers the use of the Vimu Media Player application for Google TV, Android TV and Fire OS.

Any information that is provided by user is stored locally. Vimu by itself do not send any provided information over network. Vimu does not collect any statistics or personal information. Vimu do allow for videos to be played via various network transports. Cookies are not stored at any point. Authentication credentials can be stored optionally on the user's local device upon the user's explicit request.

Some versions of Vimu player use system's voice search feature. Sound samples could be sent to remote server's for processing. Please, refer to your devices' OS privacy policy for clarification about voice search.

If Vimu application crashes, crash report will be sent to developer's web server. This report may contain identification information (device model, manufacturer, device id). This information is used only for debugging purposes and erased from the server in regular basis. This action can be completely disabled in application's settings.